Saturday, May 31, 2014

whine and cheese

Zoh my god.

So whiny.  That last post, in retrospect kind of sounded ridiculous.


I just mean that we are looking at 10,000 in house repairs so that the city doesn't take us to housing court, because, while it kind of sounds like an adorable little court, is probably just regular stupid un-enjoyable court.

And I want the children to have clothes that fit, but they keep getting larger and / or destroying their old clothes.

Hand-me-downs are kind of a joke.  Sam is leaving no hand-me-downs for Owen.  We can barely get his clothes to last through a season.  I'm glad warm weather is here because Sam's winter clothes were hanging together by stained threads.

So things are good.  I was a single parent last week, but a single parent with a bunch of supportive family members to help out.  And now Chris is back, so that's good.

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