Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm Gone With the Wind fabulous

I was getting dressed to go to a wedding the other day (not THE wedding, a different wedding).

Lilly walked in and said, "Oh, Mom!  You look so beautiful!"

It's funny, but the only time I remember one of the boys saying I was beautiful was on an occasion when I was wearing a hot-pink tank top and red reindeer pajama pants.  And I had recently been pooped on.

I think.

It's a good bet, anyway.

The point is that Lilly has a more "conventional" sense of pretty than Owen apparently does and that I very much enjoy having a little girl.

After she commented that the dress was lovely, Lilly said to me, "Let me see you twirl!"

So I did.

It is harder than I remember it being.

Also, today at work I was notified that I have to start sharing my office.  Boooooo.

Also, I checked the results of the 5K for Breastfeeding Support.  That little girl who ran with me because she lost her parents (and apparently even at the 5K for Breastfeeding Support I'm the most comforting and maternal person around) was EXACTLY ten years old.  I am like a child-age-guessing GENIUS.

But I am not a spelling genius, because - I'm going to be honest here - I was not actually consciously aware that "reindeer" was not spelled "raindeer."

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