Thursday, August 15, 2013

Little Lilly

Okay, today I have two things to say about Lilly.

1) Lilly is relatively small, if what you are relating her to is a twin sized mattress, which, in this case, I am.  She sleeps on a twin bed.  In a corner of her bedroom, which means there are walls on two sides.  And we have one of those toddler bed rails on a third side.  The only open space is at the foot of her bed.  Foot, again, here, is relatively speaking, because if she has recently started INSISTING that she sleep down at the end of the bed, is it still the foot?  She also sleeps perpendicular to the bed, not parallel as normal people might.

So she falls out of bed a lot.  And part of me wants to be like, "well, not gonna lie here, you kind of deserve that," but the other part of me wants to sleep through the night again.

Because every time she falls out of bed, she cries about it.  I mean, I don't blame her for crying about falling out of bed.  I would too. What I blame her for is the crying and shrieking that she Wants. To. Sleep. THIS. Way.

Because it's the wrong way.

Also, a lot of the time, when she falls out of bed, she just lays on the ground, crying, instead of standing up and getting back in bed.

Just . . . man . . . just get back in bed, genius.

1) I also want to mention the danger of Chris squashing her.  

The man does trod places, you know.

 We've had a couple of close calls and, let me tell you, this is not a far-fetched fear.

2) Other than relative to a mattress, Lilly is not small by any standards.

The other day, Lilly said to me, with a contemplative look on her face, "All my friends at school are small."

Keep in mind that Lilly is, by a fair amount, the youngest person in her class.  But there are some wee little girls out there.

What I find charming about this is that she didn't say, "I am bigger than all my friends."

Nope.  She thinks she's regular, and just hanging out with a bunch of tiny little folks.

I know it won't last but, right now, she hasn't absorbed one single bit of way society thinks girls should devalue, and critique, and alter themselves.

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