Monday, February 24, 2014

Just for Fun Girls

I read a blog post today - it was shared by someone on Facebook, not a blog I regularly follow.  So I don't know these people, and I have no context for this post.

In the post she - the mom - was discussing how hard it was to make choices about how and when to let their daughter do "grown up" things.  Specifically, it centered on whether or not to let their four-year-old wear nail polish.

SERIOUSLY.  I didn't even know I was supposed to feel conflicted about that.  High heels, sure, I get that.  They are gross and damaging, but she wants them.


Make up.  It's disgusting.  Terrible message.  But she want to try.


But nail polish?  Really?  It had literally never occurred to me to worry about that!

She talked a little bit about "sexualizing" and how it was a part of the "growing up too fast" problem we are encountering with girls.

But, I kind of thought that had to do with thongs and bikinis and what not.

Do I get a pass because I let the boys paint their nails when they were her age, too?


I took Lilly to Target the other day.

Near the checkout area, they were displaying bikinis.

"Oh, MOM!" she says, "They have boobies!  You need boobies!"

Near the crowded, crowded, checkout area.

In my best barely audible, but hissingly sincere, voice I replied, "Lilly.  We don't need to talk about that in public."

"But why, Mom?  Why don't you want to talk about boobies?  But you NEED boobies."

My barely audible, but hissingly sincere voice is apparently not at intimidating as I had hoped.

I'm pretty sure she means "bra" when she says "boobies."  Either way, I don't know why she calls them that.  Or why she cares.

Honestly, the boys are so unaware that they will still casually slingshot a bra across the room without even noticing.


At work, I don't use my computer for cool things like social media, or shopping.

Mostly because they block those sites.

But I do check my personal email.

Today, one of those groupon-esque mailings came through, with offerings for discounts on clothes and toys for girls.

I usually just keep multiple windows open, and click back and forth as time allows.

I had someone stop by office today.  We were working on my computer.  It was fine.  I helped him.  It took a fairly long time.  Probably a million hours.

And when he left, I noticed that the tab at the bottom of the page identified my personal email page, but the email I happened to have open:

"Just for Fun Girls."

Is it just me, or could that skew inappropriate?

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