Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The man with the yellow bucket

We got a set of mixing bowls for our wedding.  The small one was green the middle one was orange, and the  big one was yellow.

Chris has managed to destroy two of the three.  Which, come on.  That's pretty impressive.  We're talking heavy-duty, fancy, hard plastic mixing bowls.  I wouldn't have guessed it was possible.

He SHATTERED the green one by microwaving and then immersing in cold water.

Don't do that, guys.  

He melted the orange one.  I guess that isn't surprising.  I mean, what HASN'T he melted over the years?

But none of that is the point.

The point is, a couple years back, one of the boys was feeling sick.  We needed a vomit bucket.  The yellow bowl was brought out.  It was the best we could do at that moment.  But it turned out that it is a nice, comforting, size.  Small enough to be portable, but big enough to inspire confidence in its capacity.

From that day on, the yellow bowl was our go-to vomit bucket.

I would, however, like to state, EMPHATICALLY that the yellow bowl has NEVER been touched by vomit.  Chris and I are pretty good at making it to the toilet.  The kids prefer to throw up on the floor or us.  The yellow vomit bucket has always just been an unused precaution.

But apparently, the kids have made some strong associations.

Because the other day, the boys walked into the kitchen when Chris was making dinner.

Sam froze.

"Dad?  What are you doing with the vomit bucket?"

We tried to explain, but they were horrified.

I kind of see their point.

We should probably retire the yellow mixing bowl.

But, the thing is, it is a great mixing bowl, too.

Though, admittedly, no longer part of a set.

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