Sunday, February 2, 2014

Not entirely my fault.

See what I did there?  I lulled you into a false sense that I might be a reliable blogger.

That's only really applicable for the five of you who check regularly.  The rest of you (7), check twice a year so have no real understanding of my fits and starts.

So Lilly came to me tonight.

"Mom?  My penis hurts."

We've been though this, I swear.  I have told her A NUMBER of times that she doesn't have a penis.  I've not been unclear.  Some people don't like to say penis or vagina and rely instead on vague references to "down there."  That could be confusing.  

But that's not what's happening here.

What's happening here is that the boys like to say "penis."

A lot.

They will reference their penis whenever possible.

"He squashed my penis!"

"Oooooohh! He hit me in my penis!"

"Let's use our penises to sword fight!"

So you can see how Lilly could be forgiven for not always remembering that the area from which she pees is not her pee-ness.

Also, I will tell you that I sincerely, and severely, underestimate the challenges of teaching three small people about basic hygiene.

Children are savages.

Also, I was reading some old entries.

Oh man, it was funny.

Except for the ones where I was pregnant.  Those were honestly just uncomfortable.

I did notice a fair amount of typos, though.  I'd like to note that I do, in fact, know the difference between between your and you're, and their and they're and there.

I suppose I could have fixed the mistakes as I found them.  But that just seems like an awful lot of work.    Instead, I will use this section of this entry as a basic disclaimer of sorts.  People, I know some grammar.  I have some spellcheck.  Please assume that only half of the mistakes you find are due to stupidity.  The other half is just due to laziness and half-assed-ness.

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