Friday, August 28, 2009

But Owii won the war, little hooligan

Owii's daycare nemesis got kicked out this week. Today is his last day. That's pretty awesome. I understand that all kids act horrible sometimes, but I think that kid just was horrible. He's totally going to be one of those kids that hammers nails into living frogs and starts fires on cats and microwaves bugs. I never got to meet his parents but I really wanted to see them. You know, see if his crazy was nature or nurture.

When we got the news my mom asked if Owii ever talked about this kid. Well, he never really talks about anything not OF THE MOMENT, but it is true that he can talk a little bit now. So I ask him, "Hey Owii, you know Osbourne?"
"Abourn," he agrees. "Abourn HITS."
People, when that's your kid's defining characteristic, he deserves to get kicked out of daycare.

Today the teacher told me that yesterday, when Osbourne was messing with Owii, Owii said to him, "I TOE YOU, ABOURN, YEAVE ME A-YONE!" HA. That makes me laugh. Not the whole my-kid-getting-messed-with-at-daycare thing, but Owen's verbal judo. If the death glare doesn't get you (and it will), you still can't escape the scathing retorts.

Based on the statements that the director has made, and barring an unknown surge in my powers of telepathy, the teachers totally used me as a scapegoat for why they had to kick this kid out. But I'm okay with that. I should have been more vocal about my concerns about this child. I need to work on that.

A little extra story for you today:
I was putting Owen to bed while Chris ran a quick errand.
"Where Daddy? Where Daddy?" Owen asks.
"He's not here right now, buddy, Daddy go bye-bye."
He scowls at me and shouts, as he is wont to do, "NO!"
Then he says, "Daddy ONSARS!" (downstairs)
"He is?" I ask.
"Yeah. Daddy onsars," he nods to himself, "Daddy eat nak." (Daddy's downstairs eating snacks.)
He knows us so well.

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