Saturday, August 15, 2009

Like you'd want to hear from me everyday anyway

Those mommy bloggers. Wow. They are tearing up the internet. Wasn't looking for that kind of competition. Recent report said that there are something like 10 million mommy-blogs.

Jiminy Christmas, ladies, don't you have children to raise?

That's astonishing. Who's reading all these blogs? I mean, when you subtract the 14 people that read my blog, there's just not that much audience left over. Unless you guys are reading multiple mommy-blogs.

Blog-sluts. All of you.

In other news, Chris and I are in month two of our spending freeze. July was relatively successful except I took a trip to Chicago and Chris had his wisdom teeth removed. Kind of negated the savings on cutting out Burger King. This month we also cut grocery spending to practically NOTHING. Which has worked out so far because we seem to have a lot of food just kind of jammed in our cupboards. But I'm starting to be worried about what to do when we work our way through and end up in the back of that one cupboard, eating taco shells that expired in 2006 spread with souvenir jellies from god only knows.

Guess we will start making the rounds. Dinner's at your house! But I'd watch the refrigerator when we got ready to leave. We are not to be trusted when on a spending freeze.

Oh, did you have a watermelon? No I can't imagine where that would have gotten to. What's in my shirt? Did I not tell you I was pregnant? Shame on me! We should get together more often! How is tomorrow at dinner time looking for you?


  1. Ha, yeah right. a block party, you say? Tables full of free food? Oh I will be required to possibly interact with people/for Chris, eat in front of other people? Nevermind then.

    Hmm, your ads are a little better now. Blog pyramid schemes? I'm sold!

  2. Over the heads. May have to tell it again. I got it, though.

  3. Actually, I would want to hear from you every day. I never read the sluts, only you. No pressure, though. I know you've got all that mom-stuff to do.