Friday, August 7, 2009

Not sure that's an improvement

So apparently the colon cleansing ads morphed into detox ads. You know, alcohol detox, colon detox. For a minute it changed into ads about pregnancy but now it seems we're back to detox. I'm starting to think that my ads say more about my readers and less about my subject content. Because I'm neither pregnant nor in detox. So somebody out there needs to fess up!

Thought for the day.

It's cute when kids start talking. Makes you really pay attention to language and the way words actually sound. The problem is when you start to think it is also cute to imitate it. Then you are telling grown ass adults that your fly-day night plans are to watch a DVDV and eat nacker cheese.

Except my Friday night plans are not nearly that delightful. We are going to a picnic-party thing for Chris' work tonight. Sounds fun, right? But the children are little monsters and that's just embarrassing to stand next to. "That kid? No idea. I'm not sure but I think he wandered out from the woods there. Looks feral, doesn't he?"

Okay, they are not actually little monsters. They are actually BIG SCREECHING monsters. Especially when they are tired. And like I said, that's cool around the house, but I don't like the look that other people give me when Owen is screaming his Super-Sonic Scream of Thwartedness. He should have to wear a sign: WARNING - Do Not Thwart the Baby. Because good lord you will pay with your eardrums. Also watch for Flailing Feet of Fury.

Well, I guess I will do what I always do in these situations. Cross my fingers, pack fruit snacks (FOUT NAX) and leave quickly.

In other news, Amanda, one of my favorite from work - and recent reader - had her last day of work today. How dare she? What is with young people these days? Trying to better themselves and whatnot. Trying to IMPROVE their lives. Jeez. In my day, you found something you didn't hate and settled in to have kids until you were too poor to risk losing anything.

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Made me laugh again, not surprisingly. :-0 My links are custom web design, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, Avaya (telephone systems) and earning more with your blogs. Last one is a language whose alphabet is indecipherable to me. I'd guess Arabic, but very square shapes, so maybe not. Miss you all, even the Owii screams. Working on the spider.