Monday, August 10, 2009

Got a fancy new ear infection detector for my birthday. No Barbies, though. I miss getting Barbies. I loved Barbies. Now I'm just psyched I got an ear infection detector, and crossing my fingers for a temporal thermometer for Christmas.

Got the chance to use it pretty quick when Owen woke up with a fever (which I detected no thanks to my non-existent temporal thermometer) this past Wednesday. I was actually a little excited when the little gadget read, "FLUID DETECTED - SEE DOCTOR" because I wouldn't have to wait around wondering about the validity of my new toy.

So we went to the doctor and Owen DID have an ear infection and I LOVE my detector. So just for fun I was playing with it again. And Sam was . . . resisting. Finally I wrestled him down and did my detecting thing and then he was all cool with it. So he did it to himself, and then me, and then to Owen, and we talked about how it was a Green Light For GOOD for us and a Red Light for . . . having an ear infection (I'm not always so good on the fly) for Owii.

Later I was giving Owen his medicine and Sam got jealous and wanted some delicious pink medicine his own self and I reminded him that Owii got medicine because the detector showed us he had an ear infection, and we didn't need medicine because the detector said we were fine. And he was IRATE. "I DO!" He shouts, "I do has an ear inflection!"

Stupid conversations to have:
"Sam, you do not have an ear infection."
"I DO has an ear inflection."
"Do not."
"I DO. My ear IS inflected."

Next time I'm just going to pick up some random pink liquid at the same time I'm getting the amoxicillian and avoid the battle because GOD FORBID Owen have something that Sam doesn't get. Strawberry milk? Melted strawberry ice cream? PEPTO?

Someday they will take pills.

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