Thursday, August 12, 2010

Business lunching

I'm not sure if it's true, but it feels like I work for a very large university place with lots of departments. Confusing most of the time. But there are some benefits. Today, for example, I was not real interested in sitting around my office, so I went with a colleague to an informational meeting about applying to an Enhancing and Developing Women in Leadership program. Working in a place this large means there are a lot of informational meetings you can legitimately attend.

I mostly only went to keep my friend company, and also to get out of the office. You see, I am pretty sure that I am not a leaderly type of woman, and even if I were, this particular period in my life is not defined as much by my tenacious focus on climbing the career ladder as my unwavering pursuit of a decent night's sleep. Right now, truly, I don't really care how many underlings I have as long as I can take my kids to their abundance of doctors appointments.

So I went, not really expecting much. But do you know what?


Seriously, I was thrilled about the choice of wraps, variety of chips, selection of cookies and assortment of sodas. If you had just wandered in to my head, you would have thought it was Christmas.

And, faced with all that unexpected free food, my staunch commitment to my diet (it turns out that the mirrors in the pilates room at the rec center are NOT kind) flitted away so thoroughly as to never have been there at all.

I was so excited about the free food that I actually spent most of the introduction thinking about how, with all the informational meetings around campus, I could probably not pack a lunch at all. I could just register to attend all kinds of random meetings and eat the food there. I would learn a lot and save money!

Then I was eating my cookie and remembered my diet.

Chris and I have often remarked that you can eat cheaply, or you can diet, but it is nigh on impossible to do both.

Anyway, back at the meeting, they are talking about this program and it's all "blah, blah, blah, career counseling, blah, blah, intentionality, blah, blah, all day sessions at the School of Management, blah, where, oh by the way, they supply a delicious breakfast, lunch, and snack."

Screeeeeeetch. That's the traditional "record scratching" sound of one's attention being snagged.

A lot of free delicious food? And all I have to do is apply and be accepted in to a year-long leadership program?! Where do I sign up?!

OMG my brain is so screwy about food.

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