Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OMG, Craigslist.

So sometimes at work I get a little bored. And lord help me if my job decides to track my computer usage.

"What? Why was I on Facebook during work hours? Uh, because I was trying to track down some lost participants. Duh."

So I was on Craigslist the other day and I noticed that they have a section called, "Missed connections."

I wondered what it was.

So I clicked on it.

Guess what?

People are CRAZY!

There is this whole section on Craigslist where you can post a description of an encounter you had with someone, but, like, couldn't work up the nerve to ask for their digits. Seriously!

This is the perfect place for the guy who was standing in line at the post office and struck up a conversation with the woman in front of him, a lengthy, lengthy, conversation, but then it was eventually her turn. He ends up thinking about the woman for the whole rest of the day and wondered if there might have been something there. So he posts a message about, "we were both at the post office. You were a funny brunette mailing a package to Idaho, I'm a dorky red-head who just needed stamps. I'd love to talk more, so message me!" and then she reads it and is like, "That's me! That's me! I was totally into that guy, thus rendering this not creepy at all!" And then Happily Ever After. What a story for the grand kids!

Except, apparently, it's also for the guy who is looking for the girl who was on the stairs and flashed him and then he showed her his bits and he thought that the girl was this one girl he knew, but then later that night when he walked up to the girl he knew and grabbed her boobs, she freaked, and then later when PURELY BY HAPPENSTANCE, he was walking down her street, she looked out the window and saw him and now he's being prosecuted, so he needs to find the original flasher-girl so she can testify for him in court.

It's also for the guy who saw a beautiful blond leave her house on Shaker road at 8:07 a. m., three days in a row, and drive off in a red car. He's looked in her windows and thinks she has really great taste in furniture, so message him!

I don't know guys. I think if you don't talk to the girl then she probably won't know she has "missed" your "connection" thus she is probably not going to be checking the Missed Connection section. I'm not sure, and every situation is different, but if you are watching a girl, from afar, and not talking to her, it might not be so much of a "missed connection" as "stalking."

And your post is now "evidence."

Also, even in a world devoid of crazy people, what are the chances that this would EVER WORK? It just seems like a really unlikely scenario. So much so as to be unworthy of expending actual time. So much so as to be unworthy of ACTUALLY HAVING THE CATEGORY.

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