Sunday, August 1, 2010

I probably couldn't even win the Mediocre Olympics

I am quite happy with my life these days. Lovely children, including a GIRL! BABY!, a decent job, a pretty good house, a relatively reliable husband.

There are things I would change, of course. Like if GIRL! BABY! would sleep in longer stretches, and if Owen would stop pooping himself, and if The Crazy Lady would leave my workplace, and if I could stop eating chocolate, and please-to-whatever-gods-may-be-in-heaven if my husband would stop leaving his socks in random places, well, that would all be great.

But all in all, I'm pretty content.

It's just funny, though, how watching the Million-dollar homes series of House Hunters can make my house seem a little . . . dumpy.

I was pleased with my blog. I like to write. It's a good way to tell funny stories (Sam calls "Parmesan" cheese "Barb-and-John" cheese! HAHA!). And honestly? It makes me feel like I have a talent. It makes me feel like I am funny, and a good writer. A good, funny, writer. Who uses made-up words and has an elusive grasp of the purpose of the semi-colon.

And then I go and read someone else, and they, man, THEY, are really funny.

It's so funny it'll make me look quite dull in comparison.


  1. That blog IS pretty funny. Nigh-on hysterical, actually. Good find. Actually kind of reminds me of your style but more dysfunctional. Which, you know, always helps with the funny.

    BUT, I know my way around the internets and I've got to say, the vast majority of blogs are in fact WAY more boring and useless than yours. I mean, I don't read this just because you're my sister, I don't have time for such nonsense. It's all about the quality. I have read books by comedians and professional funny-people that are less interesting and funny than your blog.

    So, yeah, probably not going to make it in the blog competition of the mediocre-lympics, but throw in a white picket fence and convert Lily to a .5 of a baby, and you might be a strong contender in the Home/Hearth section.

  2. I think I can't compete because she has drawings. Drawings can make things so much more funny.

    And it's true. There are a crap ton of EXTREMELY BORING BLOGS out there. But some really funny stuff, too.

    Am reading Born Standing Up. That man has a little too much sad mixed in his funny, but he's a good writer.