Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Again with the dogs

I was driving the kids home from daycare the other day. We saw a pair of dalmatians and the boys very much enjoyed talking about "fire-dogs."

"Mom? People what that have kids and babies don't have dogs."


"That's a smart thing to say, Sam, how did you know?"

"Because you told me, mom."

Oh. Well. I'm right.

"Well, good listening buddy."

"But, mom, why can't we?"

"Because babies are hard enough to take care of, don't you think?"

"Well, mom, I have an idea . . ."



"I could take care of the dog, and Owen could take care of Lilly and y'all could take care of . . . um . . . like . . . dinner or sumfin."

Sounds like a plan.

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