Friday, October 29, 2010

He didn't get that from me

Sam has a voracious appetite.

He can consume quantities of food that would be astounding to anyone but a Hagesfeld.

Owen is all, "Oh, I ate a little grape, and now my tummy is full" and Sam is all, "Oh, I ate two chicken legs, a pot of noodles, three pieces of bread and an apple, but the act of chewing burned it all up and so I'm still hungry and this time I'm just going to pour the food straight down my throat."

Last night we sat down to dinner at approximately 6:20. He had chicken, rice, corn and an apple. Around 7:15, he announced that he was hungry and would like a snack. Like maybe some chicken nuggets.

Dude, I'm not making you second dinner.

So , instead, what I did was provide snacks.

Two pieces of cheese.

Three beef sticks. (Shut up. They are easy.)

A drinking yogurt. (I don't even know what those are actually called)

A banana.

And then he came to me, "Mom, I am still, like, SUPER hungry, but could you please make me something SUPER healthy? Like maybe some broccoli?"

Did my kid just ask for broccoli for snack?

I don't even UNDERSTAND that.

I mean, but that's fine. I don't have to understand my children.

But then later, when Chris showed him the pumpkin costume he got him for Halloween, Sam tried it on and then refused to wear it because it made him look, "fat."

That's kind of the point of a pumpkin costume.

Anyway, I really don't know where the fat-phobia is coming from.

I'm also not sure how he's planning on reconciling his endless need for food with his apparent desire to keep his svelte figure.

Maybe though broccoli?

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