Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is that how banks work?!

Those of you who know me (which would be all of you) probably know that my work moved offices a few months back.

Our old office had a nice location . . . I mean a convenient location. It was next door to the bank from which we got petty cash, and a few doors down from my personal bank.

In the past week, both of those banks were robbed. We were just notified that one of them was, today, robbed again.

Somebody here is stupid.

1) me, for not understanding that a good way to supplement my income would be to loudly demand money.

2) the thieves, for not understanding that robbing a bank is a FEDERAL crime, investigated by the FBI. Those of you who live in Cleveland Heights know that you shouldn't fuck with an FBI agent. There's lots of foot traffic around this area, just rob a person! The Cleveland police will never catch you!

3) the police, for not catching on that it might be time to consider POSTING EXTRA SECURITY.

Is is weird that I'm honestly disappointed that I'm no longer in the area, and, thus, can't loiter around the crime scene?

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