Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I don’t know how other people get things done. Whenever I try to do things, I get bogged down in the things I need to do before I do those other things. Recently, my husband and I decided we should turn the useless storage room that is off of our bedroom into a closet. This idea appeals to me immensely as I am tired of his crap in my closet. Sharing El Suckos. I am a Bargain Shopper, which means I need room for the cheap clothes that are the wrong color, cheap clothes that are a style I never actually wear, cheap clothes that don’t look good on me anyway. Well, and of course all the clothes that are too small but will totally fit when I lose some weight. So you can see there is no room for all of Chris’s junky-junk, like shirts and pants, in our current closet.

But before we can turn the useless storage room into a closet, we need to clear out all the stuff that we put in there. You know, to store. So we decided to have a family-wide yard sale. Perfect! We will hang out with the family, get rid of debris, and people will pay us money for it!

But, whoa. People, I have seen the economy and the economy is bad.

All day, people, they come, they go, but they do not buy. This one lady picked up two pieces of fabric, a total of about 9 yards. Now, I don’t know from fabric but my mom tells me it would cost $50-$60 in the store. When she said, “How about $3 for both?” the woman PUT THEM BACK. I’m just curious as to what the right price would have been? I know times are hard, people, but if you don’t have $3, you should probably stop shopping. Even at yard sales. Maybe she was thinking she would make her clothes herself? But then decided it would be cheaper to just go ahead and plant some cotton?

Also, we seem to have become a suspicious and stingy society. Even at the end, when we were trying to GIVE stuff away, people wouldn’t take it. They wouldn’t take our crap for free.

Which brings me to another point. I know this is all useless crap that we didn’t want anyway, but the thing is that we DID. At some point, this was desirable to us. And now people are all, “Four dollars? I won’t give you four dollars for that! Bah! I won’t even take it for free!” And I’m all, “Stain? That’s not a stain. That is a valuable reminder of the time my precious first born son had that hilarious poop blow-out. Oh, that was funny! See, we decided to take the baby on his first road trip . . . Where are you going? I can make you a deal! One dollar!"

Anyhow, I’m still eagerly anticipating project create-a-closet.

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