Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh for Chris' sake

There has been some debate about whether the title of yesterday’s entry was an accident.

Let’s go with nooooo. Of course I wrote Jesus Chris on purpose. That’s what I always say to express shock and surprise.

I like my husband, and I actually even like his name, but it does bother my typing fingers that his name is so close to accidentally taking the lord’s name in vain. I mean, I'm cool with taking the lord's name in vain, but I like to do it on purpose. Conversely, when I DO aim to blaspheme, I’d like to be successful and not just ALL CAPS my husband's name.

At least his name isn’t Christian. Really, it’s a beautiful noun (is it? I think I was asleep when they went over that in English class), but I just don’t understand how it is also a name. Especially when other religions haven’t done so well at the crossover. Can you imagine?

“These are my sons, Christian and Orthodox Jew.”

“So, nice to meet you! And this is my daughter, Seventh Day Baptist.”

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