Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How do you teach a 1-year old to punch?

Yesterday Owen came home from daycare with scratches on both sides of his face, indicating that someone grabbed his head with both hands and sharp nails. I’m not overly concerned about the injury, but I did want to follow up because HE’S JUST A TINY HELPLESS BABY. He only moved into the toddler class a week ago so he’s by far the youngest one in there (i.e., fresh fish). So I asked the teacher this morning what happened and she said that she couldn’t “pinpoint” which kid did it because “a couple of kids are picking on him.”

Picking? On Owii? On my poor gorgeous baby Owii? My wonderful, cheerful, defenseless youngest child? Is being picked on?

Oh Hells No.

So my question is this: should I sharpen both his nails AND teeth, or would just one be sufficient?

This daycare thing is hard. You have to balance all these factors. And make decisions like, “If he’s crying because he is just sad I’m leaving, it’s okay, but if he’s crying because this place is killing his soul I’m definitely going to have to talk to the director.” Is it really so much to ask to have a safe place to put my kid while I go to work to earn money to pay them to watch my kid?

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