Monday, June 22, 2009

Jesus Chris I just had a heart attack

There are these shelves over my desk at work and they are jam-packed full of binders and books. A few minutes ago, I was typing away and then I heard a sliding sound followed by a heavy wooden bang and the sound was coming from my selves and for a second I was SURE the whole business was coming down on my head. You know? Like I was just preparing myself for a cascade of junk on my head. Junk with corners.

Turned out that it was just some stuff falling over onto the actual shelf itself.

But it must have been funny to see me assume my karate chopping position in anticipation of the marauding books.

That’s a lie. I just winced and put my hands over my eyes.

But, man, I felt stupid when I finally raised my head and realized that the sky wasn't falling. I'm sitting there, my heart is racing, my whole body is braced for impact and it was a BOOK. Just falling over. Not attacking.

I'm sure glad nobody knows about this!

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