Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My blog is lacking

While I have now generated a full penny in ad revenue (thanks, guys!) I don’t think this blog is going to be my ticket to fame and fortune. For one, I’m the kind of person who has 28 friends on Facebook. Which means that even if everybody I ever knew read this thing everyday and followed every one of those links (which I am emphatically NOT telling you to do – apparently that would be both immoral AND illegal), I would still only pull in a net gain of about $12 a year. Don’t get me wrong, any person at any time can feel free to give me $12, it’s just that that’s not going to keep the kids in the most current Gymboree line.

But also, I started looking around at other blogs (link at top of the page says “Next Blog” and I wanted to see who my neighbors were. You know, make friends and such. Then we could follow each other’s blogs. Didn’t work out, because apparently it’s different each time and good thing too because the single lady growing an organic garden on her New York balcony didn’t seem that into me) and they are SWEET. They have pictures, and videos and music and a pretty background and layout. This background? I didn’t choose it. It just came with the page. And I wouldn’t BEGIN to know how to put music on here. Not that I think that is necessarily a good idea. Because, you know, sometimes you are at work, looking into a vacation at a "rural ohio bed breakfast bargin" and all of a sudden Hannah's Hideaway thinks they are extra awesome and deserve theme music and BLAAAA . . . all your coworkers know you aren’t creating that spreadsheet like you said unless Exel has offered a new sappy violin option. So I don’t think I would do the music, but I wonder if I should investigate putting up pictures.

I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to go follow another blog. I saw one with a girl who was ostensibly selling clothes because she was into fashion? But each item was just labeled like, “Green Shirt,” or “Long Dress,” and it didn’t say, for example, what size the green shirt was, or how much the long dress cost. She was modeling each item and she was pretty cute, but I feel like that just makes the clothes look used and if she was trying to sell used clothes maybe she should try ebay. There were only 5 items available so I’m not sure what her business plan is, but like me, I think she should probably keep her day job. And then I started wondering if it was some kind of prostitution blog now that they’ve shut craigslist down (in case you were wondering, this is not a prostitution blog – that thing about giving me $12, well, that’s not what I meant. That’s a gift, free and clear). But who knows what you could find if you looked out there! Report back if you find anything fun!

Fair warning – apparently crossing stitching is waaaay more popular than I imagined, as is speaking a language that is not English.

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