Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I don't think the doctor is taking my calls anymore

Chris usually takes the boys to his parents house on Saturday morning. It used to be a chance for me to get some extra sleep but sleep is for the WEAK and there is no TIME for weakness 'round HERE! Anyway, I was pairing socks (weird, I think I've mentioned that before in this blog. You'd think it was something I did a lot. It's not. Hence it being the Project of the Morning) and Chris called and told me that Sam had a rash on his skull. I told him that Sam probably didn't have a rash on his skull. He said, no, his skull is REALLY red. And I said, his SKULL is made of BONE and is covered by his SCALP so how do you know what it looks like? And he said, your child has a horrible rash and you are nitpicking about verbiage? And I said, point taken.

So back to the scalp. I'm pretty calm about it because, well, Sam is prone to rashes. He gets them a lot. It's not like I've never seen a rash on Sam, am I right?! Ha! I suggest a bath and maybe we'll put some ointment and keep an eye on it.

Then the boys come home and I look at Sam's head and GOOD LORD HIS SCALP IS COVERED BY THE MOST HEINOUS RASH I'VE EVER SEEN. I'm not kidding. This is Quick-Intake-of-Breath bad. I quickly review and realize that Sam also has had a bad cough, and threw up the day before. And if those symptoms don't add up to impending death, I don't know what does. I grab the phone and call the doctor and send Chris and Sam off for an emergency appointment in a half-hour. (Shout-out to FAB Dr. Senders and Associates!)

Chris calls about an hour later. Guess what? The rash? It . . . Oh, HA-HA! . . . it washes off. She swabbed it and it CAME OFF. It's like, highlighter or something.

That's not embarrassing AT ALL.

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