Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Advertising tie-in!

Hey, so I was just looking at my blog (well SOMEBODY should) and the advertisement was for Pantene, um, naturals? Something like that. Herbal Pantene. Pantene Botanicals. You get the drift. And it totally reminded me about how irritating men can be sometimes!

Can somebody please back me up on this? We bought a Costco size Dove shampoo and conditioner and I really liked it. My hair was soft and shiny and good for twirling. But I've been using this same COSTCO SIZED Dove shampoo every day for about three months and I feel like my hair is getting tired of it and there is no end in sight. I keep picking it up to see if it feels like it weighs less, but this is the never-ending bottle of shampoo.

Am I alone in believing that using the same shampoo day in and day out leads to more grosser hair, less twirlable hair? After about three weeks of hating my hair I gave in and bought the aforementioned Pantene Natural and I feel like my hair is breathing a sigh of relief.

But I totally held off because I KNEW Chris was going to sass me about it. He HATES soapy products. If he were in charge we would have skipped the Costco Dove, and gone straight for a barrel of the Costco brand dish soap and used it for our dishes, hands, clothes, hair, and faces. He is personally affronted by my fickle hair. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT. Oddly, he feels quite differently about cleaning products. I don't even know how many bottles of pine-sol and Lysol and toilet-sol we have. Maybe he's just a sucker for the spray bottle? Or believes that if I actually trip over some Clorox wipes that I will use them to clean something? WELL, IT'S NOT WORKING, BUDDY!

Anyway, he spied the new shampoo in the shower this morning (thought about hiding it, but where??) and was all,

"Did you BUY NEW SHAMPOO?!?!"

And I was all, "Yeah, it's not good for your hair to use only one kind of shampoo for too long."

And he was all (you will have to say this all exasperated and demeaning in you head), "You are just incapable of using one kind of shampoo."

And I was all, "Suck on my balls."

Because that doesn't even make any sense. I mean, that's not even responsive to my point, is it? And if it is, doesn't it agree with my point? I'm not sure, but I think it was just designed to make me feel bad for willy-nilly flinging wads of cash around without thought. Does he KNOW how much poorer we would be if I actually wore MAKE-UP? Clearly this man has never read a women's magazine if he is complaining about DOUBLE SHAMPOO BOTTLEAGE. I didn't even buy the MATCHING CONDITIONER. Can I get some financial credit for the fact that my beauty purchases of the year totaled one tube of mascara and some chap stick?


Men are so irritating sometimes. But my hair . . . it is gorgeous.

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